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Estibalitz Jalón


Since it started in 2007,Estibalitz Jalón He has illustrated more than thirty books for children, youth and adults, and hasworked in different sectors such as fashion, cosmetics and design.


He has carried out projects for prestigious wineries in theRioja Denomination of Origin, for the brandEusko Label of Quality ProductsBasque government, for institutions such asÁlava Provincial Councils,Bizkaia,Gipuzkoa, andBasque government, and for fashion brands such asARMUSELI, whose creations have been seen in magazines such asHELLO,in itInternational Fashion Showof Paris Who's Next or the  080 Barcelona Fashion.

In 2009 he won the III Etxepare Prize for the best children's album in Basque, and in 2010 it was chosen by theOEPLI (Spanish Organization for Children and Youth Books)to participate in the “100 of Today” Exhibition: Illustrators and writers of children's and youth literature from the Spanish State, in the32nd IBBY International Congress. For two consecutive years (2013 and 2014) the children of the Basque Country, Navarra and the French Basque Country awarded him theJUUL Award, choosing her as their favorite illustrator. And in 2018, theBizkaia Booksellers Association and theEuskadi Book Chamber, they also gave him thePaper Lantern Award, in recognition of their work.

His work has also been exhibited at theAiete Palace ofSaint Sebastian.


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